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Vidyatmika Higher Secondary co-educational English Medium school came into being on 1st June 1998 at East Hill Road, Calicut as a result of a dream of a group of like-minded individuals, whose desire was to nurture a school that was unique in all respects. The school is managed by the Vidyatmika Educational Trust, the benefactors of the school. The charitable trust was constituted for the promotion of all-round development amongst children and is registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860.

From the first fledgling years, the school like any other institution, gradually gained momentum. Beginning with a modest strength of 70, the commitment of its dedicated team of teachers and staff saw the school grow steadily from year to year.

The Vidyatmika Trust purchased land in green environs at Perumanna, 18kms from the city centre to accommodate the conditions laid down by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The school was shifted here in June 2004 after construction of the first phase of the school building was complete.

The crowning moment arrived in the year 2004-2005 when the school received its affiliation to CBSE. The first batch of students of Class 10 appeared for AISSE in March 2005 and the school recorded 100% results. It has been doing so ever since.

Today, ten years after its beginning, the school strength stands at healthy 400 students. Classes have comfortable strength of 30-35 students, thereby ensuring that each child gets individual attention.

At Vidyatmika School, our education is aimed at nurturing the children’s intellect and supporting their emotional, moral and spiritual well-being. Our aim is to provide an enjoyable and wholesome educational experience. Our competent and committed teachers oversee the intellectual, physical and moral well-being of each and every student in the school. Personality development classes, yoga, dance, music, co – and extracurricular activities, various inter-school competitive events, education and fun tours for children on one side and training programmes, seminars for teachers, counselling session for parents, etc on the other, have ensured that holistic development is not only for the child but for the family and teachers who form part of the child’s life as well.

Vidyatmika School imparts computer based education through the internet as per CBSE guidelines to each child. A brand new School Band is the latest addition to the growing list of activities of the school. The school has also purchased a table-tennis table and a water cooler to add to its facilities.

The school day begins early and there is an efficiently-run canteen at the school which provides a hot and wholesome breakfast at a very normal price to those students and staff desiring one, during the mid-morning break. This ensures that they remain nourished until they bet back home for lunch and also have the whole afternoon free in which to pursue other activities.

Above all though, the dedication and enthusiasm of the principal, teachers and staff in making learning an easy tool for the child to comprehend, has ensured that each child looks forward to attending school every day. The atmosphere in the school, to this day, continues to remain that of one large family where everyone concerned is welcome.


  • The School is dedicated to bringing out the best in each child at all levels.
  • The school adopts adopt innovative methods of education so as to keep pace with changing times and new techniques of teaching.
  • The school insists on the medium of instruction being English. This has proved advantageous to the confidence of the children.
  • Children are nurtured in an atmosphere of encouragement and affection.

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Vidyatmika School has a commitment to academic excellence, intellectual growth, art, athletics, sportsmanship, and community living...

At Vidyatmika School, our education is aimed at nurturing the children’s intellect and supporting their emotional, moral and spiritual well-being...